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Frequently Asked Questions About Background Checks
bullet Why should I screen potential employees?
bullet What is a background check and what does it entail?
bullet How do I go about getting started in conducting pre-employment background checks for my company?
bullet Is background screening legal?
bullet How much will a background check cost me?
bullet How long does a background check take?
bullet Why should I use your service?

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Conducting a comprehensive pre-employment screening program can be a time consuming and detailed oriented task. The skills and knowledge required amidst the myriad of federal and state laws can be overwhelming. Many companies have found the time consumed by “In-house” screenings and investigations have not been the most efficient use of their time and resources.

Employers find it best to outsource their screening requests to full time professional background investigators who have the up to date knowledge and resources to conduct the most thorough and cost effective investigation in today’s market.

Bay Area Backgrounds investigators are former Public Safety Personnel from law enforcement, fire, and EMS Agencies all over the nation.

We have participated in providing services for some of the nations most prestigious companies and in locations across the world. For many years we have formed extensive relationships and working methodologies in the Public Safety arena which has increased our ability to attract the highest level of personnel. Our staff is experienced in handling sensitive and confidential information and understands the importance of fair and accurate reporting.

The mission of our background department is to help facilitate and automate the decision making process of employers and assure complete compliance with EEOC, ADA, and FCRA guidelines.

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