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Frequently Asked Questions About Background Checks
bullet Why should I screen potential employees?
bullet What is a background check and what does it entail?
bullet How do I go about getting started in conducting pre-employment background checks for my company?
bullet Is background screening legal?
bullet How much will a background check cost me?
bullet How long does a background check take?
bullet Why should I use your service?

Customer Service

Depending on the depth of the background, most reports are provided within 3 working days. Bay Area Backgrounds does not resell or broker “database” information in order to provide a “quick turnaround time”, as many background companies will promise. Bay Area Backgrounds prides it self on doing “hands on” court record research. This method provides us the flexibility to retrieve the most accurate and up to date information available. In no way will we depend solely on database information for the final disposition of researched information. Databases in many cases are only 60% to 70% accurate with many errors and with information that has not been updated.

Many situations that may cause a delay of a background report are unfortunately situations beyond our control. For example:

bullet Many courts do not allow our researchers to pull the court files themselves. The researcher has to depend on the court clerk to do the research for them; in many cases the clerk will not be able to pull the record for several days before the information is passed on to the researcher. Bay Area Backgrounds will provide an explanation as to the delay of the record and a possible ETA of when the file will be received.
bullet Another reason for delays may be do to waiting on return calls, faxes or emails from a past employer or educational institution, finding that a past employer cannot be located or that the contact names and/or numbers provided are no longer in service.
bullet Educational Institutions may close their doors for winter break, summer vacation or that the verification can only be done by mail.
bullet Information provided on the application is illegible, incomplete or non existent.
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