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Pre-Employment Screening, Background Checks, Due Diligence

For companies wishing to hire new employees or contractors, a pre-employment screening program can minimize risk of employee theft, misappropriation, criminal activity or violence in the work place. It can also minimize negligent hiring lawsuits.

Once the “wrong” employee has been hired, the cost and “pain” of terminating that employee could be considerable. This can often be avoided by pre-employment screening.

Our staff is experienced in handling sensitive and confidential information and understands the importance of fair and accurate reporting. Our mission is to help facilitate and automate the decision making process of employers and assure complete compliance with EEOC, ADA and FCRA guidelines.

Bay Area Backgrounds offers a full range of pre-employment and continuing-employment screening products and services. With our package pricing options you are able to save money when compared to single item checks that are performed by most other companies.

Through our online screening services and our comprehensive background checks, we are well-positioned to meet the varying employment needs of our corporate customers.

Here are just a few of the common screening services we provide:

bullet Nationwide, Federal, statewide or county level criminal record background checks
bullet Civil records check
bullet International criminal and civil background checks (Call for Pricing)
bullet Employment Verification
bullet Education Verification
bullet Professional License and certification Verification
bullet Social Security Number Trace and Verification
bullet Consumer Credit report
bullet California Workers Compensation Appeals Board Searches
bullet Motor vehicle driving report
bullet Global Security Search
bullet FACIS Searches (Levels I,II and III)
bullet Office of Inspector General Search (OIG)
bullet FDA Debarment/Restricted List
bullet FAA License Verification
bullet Terrorist/SDN List Search
bullet References - personal and professional
bullet USA Criminal Index Search
bullet Sexual Offender/ Predator Registry Search
bullet Drug testing

For our complete list of services in PDF

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