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Frequently Asked Questions About Background Checks
bullet Why should I screen potential employees?
bullet What is a background check and what does it entail?
bullet How do I go about getting started in conducting pre-employment background checks for my company?
bullet Is background screening legal?
bullet How much will a background check cost me?
bullet How long does a background check take?
bullet Why should I use your service?

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A vital component of any company’s hiring process is performing an in-depth pre-employment screening of potential employees and/or applicants applying to your company. The term “pre-employment screening”, in a broad sense means assessing an applicant’s suitability for a specific job or position within the company. Such assessment may include initial screening of the applicants’ application, resume and interview process. Along with this process an employer may choose to conduct a criminal background check on the potential employee which might include a criminal background check, civil records check, sex offender registration check, drivers license check, etc.

These practices are designed to reasonably separate those applicants who are qualified for a particular job or position from those who may not be qualified for reasons of lack of experience, credentials or who may pose an unacceptable risk to the employer, fellow employees and/or the employer’s clients/customers.

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