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Frequently Asked Questions About Background Checks
bullet Why should I screen potential employees?
bullet What is a background check and what does it entail?
bullet How do I go about getting started in conducting pre-employment background checks for my company?
bullet Is background screening legal?
bullet How much will a background check cost me?
bullet How long does a background check take?
bullet Why should I use your service?

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Employers who screen applicants prior to employment have more productive workforces with higher quality employees, reduced turn over and better safety ratings. Pre-Employment screening also reduces exposure to liability related to workplace violence and resulting negligent hiring/retention claims; lower healthcare and worker compensation costs; and promotes a safer working environment.

Statistical Evidence

bullet 40% of applications contain falsified or misleading information
bullet There are 6 million threats of violence and 2 million workplace assaults annually.
bullet Workplace violence accounted for 16% of all work-related fatal occupational injuries in 2003
bullet 33% of employees admit to stealing a product or money from an employer within the last 3 years
bullet Turnover costs range from $10,000 to $20,000 per employee
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